Arab Integration

A 21st Century Development Imperative

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This report aims to revive the project of Arab integration conferring new dimensions to the concept of integration to include all aspects of the social structure or the elements of human civilization. It also calls for expanding economic integration beyond the narrow scope of trade liberalization to laying out the foundations for production and diversification, and building knowledge-based economies through cooperation in the development of integrated human, technological and productive capacities in the Arab region. Using the best available scientific methods, this report presents standard quantitative estimates of the consequences of keeping current modalities of integration, which are limited to trade liberalization and the establishment of an Arab customs union. Simulations of proposed scenarios for strengthening economic integration were also made and the results compared with the estimated consequences of the status quo.

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Arab integration and renaissance: A strategic Vision

The previous chapter showed that the Arab countries can reap important benefits by taking gradual and successive steps towards comprehensive economic integration. Other chapters explored realities and hopes, failures and possibilities in the long search for Arab unity. This concluding chapter is a reflection on the close relationship between comprehensive integration and the well-being of the Arab people. It offers a strategic plan for reviving the material and moral foundations of the region through integration. A series of realistic, simple and important steps are set out leading towards this more ambitious goal. The chapter concludes by outlining strategic actions that would lead to the establishment of a free Arab citizenship area characterized by prosperity, social justice and human dignity.

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