Arab Society: Compendium of Social Statistics - Issue No. 12

image of Arab Society: Compendium of Social Statistics - Issue No. 12
Arab Society: A Compendium of Social Statistics is the latest in a series of biennial compendia of the Statistics Division of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA). It provides a general view of Arab society in the ESCWA region and the changes it has encountered over time. Drawing on data provided mainly from national statistics offices (NSOs), it focuses on issues of population, labour, housing conditions, education, poverty, health and culture. Each issue of the Compendium focuses on a single theme. The twelfth issue of the Compendium concerns household composition and family formation.




A country’s art, history, heritage, music, folklore, food, values, and religions, to name a few, all fall under the umbrella of culture. The culture in the Arab region is particularly rich and varied.


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