Asia-Pacific Countries with Special Needs Development Report 2018

Sustainable Development and Sustaining Peace

image of Asia-Pacific Countries with Special Needs Development Report 2018

This publication discusess issues of interest for the region’s countries with special needs. It offers an analytical background for the multidimensional linkages between peace and sustainable development and attempts to categorize policy recommendations that support the 2030 Agenda and maintain peace and prevent conflict. It focuses on countries with special needs and the structural development challenges they face, in combination with their limited capacities and resources, which make them particularly vulnerable to conflict. It provides recommendation on policies that could be strengthen the nexus between development and peace through further research on the underlying causes of vulnerability of countries in the region.




Founded against the backdrop of saving “succeeding generations from the scourge of war”, the United Nations has been playing an important role in preventing conflict and sustaining peace around the world. Yet, while the international community has largely been successful in reducing the incidence of war between countries, an increasing number of armed conflicts are taking place within countries. This rise is disconcerting, as armed conflict can unravel development gains and pose severe impediments to the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.


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