Assessment of Development Results - Afghanistan (Second Assessment)

image of Assessment of Development Results - Afghanistan (Second Assessment)

This Assessment of Development Results (ADR) in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is an independent country-level evaluation conducted by the Evaluation Office of UNDP in 2012-2013. It assesses UNDP’s overall performance and contribution to stabilization and development in Afghanistan and covers the period of 2009-2013, corresponding approximately with the programming period from 2010-2014 This is the second ADR to be conducted in Afghanistan. The previous one was undertaken in 2008-2009 and covered the period 2002-2008.



Strategic positioning

The review of whether UNDP is best positioned to contribute to Afghanistan’s stabilization and development entailed an analysis of UNDP’s niche within the development and policy space in Afghanistan, the degree to which its programmes respond to the country’s development challenges, the balance between upstream (policy-level) and downstream (project-level) initiatives and between interventions at the central level (capital) and subnational level, and a review of how its strengths, comparative advantages and human development philosophy were applied. UNDP’s ability to partner and coordinate with a wide range of national and international stakeholders was also reviewed, as well as its capacity to address emerging issues and primarily the current security, political and economic transitions.


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