Assessment of Development Results - Botswana

image of Assessment of Development Results - Botswana

The UNDP Assessment of Development Results (ADR) in Botswana covers the period from 2003 to 2008 and includes the period of the current United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) and UNDP country programme. It focuses on effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability, which refer to the assessment of development results and programme-level analysis, as well as on relevance, responsiveness, equity and partnerships, which relate to strategic positioning and analysis at a strategic level. The UN contribution to the development of Botswana has a long history. The current priority areas of action are: achieving the MDGs and reducing human poverty; energy and environment for sustainable development; and responding to HIV/AIDS.



Strategic positioning

In analysing whether the UNDP programme in Botswana is in line with the priority needs of the country, one has to first look at the relationship between those needs and GoB development policies. There is a relatively high consensus that priority needs are also at the top of the government agenda. HIV/AIDS, poverty and the narrow economic base are commonly perceived as the key challenges of Botswana. Capacity constraints in public administration and governance are a common concern. Nevertheless, as in any society, in Botswana also there exist differing opinions on the chosen policy. Some observers argue that poverty reduction efforts are not effective at the grass roots level. Agriculture and rural development should perhaps have a greater weight in the national strategy. Environmental issues should play a bigger role in all sectors, being truly a cross-cutting theme. At the regional level, UNDP has supported several relevant interventions, such as HIV/AIDS, biodiversity and international trade.


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