Assessment of Development Results - Cambodia

image of Assessment of Development Results - Cambodia

This independent country-level evaluation examines the relevance and strategic positioning of UNDP support and its contributions to the country’s development from 2001 to 2009. It suggests UNDP Cambodia to refocus programme activities to the people of Cambodia: UNDP should promote the use of democratic system and local governance structure it has helped to establish, and encourage the participation of people in democratic decision making; it should bring in a sharper poverty focus in its assistance to economic policy making; and it should address environmental concerns through making clear linkages with sustainable livelihood concerns of local population. The finding of the report is a reminder that, as successful as its Cambodia programme has been, UNDP needs to constantly readjust itself to line up with its mandate to help countries accelerate human development and aim for real improvements in people’s lives.



Conclusions and recommendations

Ever since Cambodia emerged from the darkness of history with the Paris Peace Accord of 1991, UNDP Cambodia has been actively engaged in helping the country achieve the triple transition from conflict to peace, from autocracy to democracy, and from a centrally planned economy to market-based economic development. The challenges of this triple transition are enormous, especially as Cambodia has had to attempt it from a very low level of development. UNDP has been a staunch ally of the RGC in its attempt to meet the challenges, by providing support in such diverse areas as aid coordination, democratization, decentralization, environmental conservation, and poverty alleviation through employment creation.


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