Assessment of Development Results - Cambodia

image of Assessment of Development Results - Cambodia

This independent country-level evaluation examines the relevance and strategic positioning of UNDP support and its contributions to the country’s development from 2001 to 2009. It suggests UNDP Cambodia to refocus programme activities to the people of Cambodia: UNDP should promote the use of democratic system and local governance structure it has helped to establish, and encourage the participation of people in democratic decision making; it should bring in a sharper poverty focus in its assistance to economic policy making; and it should address environmental concerns through making clear linkages with sustainable livelihood concerns of local population. The finding of the report is a reminder that, as successful as its Cambodia programme has been, UNDP needs to constantly readjust itself to line up with its mandate to help countries accelerate human development and aim for real improvements in people’s lives.



UNDP contribution to development results

This outcome stems from the recognition that broad-based socio-economic development in Cambodia can only emerge from a democratic environment in which the government is responsive to the needs of the people. However to ensure a democratic environment, it is essential that the executive is made accountable for its actions. In turn, the executive’s accountability depends on its relationship with other actors in society. This outcome identifies two groups of actors in this connection—civil society and the legislature—and seeks to strengthen them to improve the checks and balances of the executive.


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