Assessment of Development Results - China

image of Assessment of Development Results - China

This Assessment of Development Results (ADR) in China is a country-level evaluation to assess the overall performance of UNDP and its contribution to development in China since 2006. It provides stakeholders an objective assessment of UNDP work and evaluates the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of UNDP programmes. This report also examines UNDP strategic positioning in China as well as relevance and responsiveness to China’s development priorities and needs. The ADR is situated against the background of China’s human development achievements and national priorities.



Executive summary

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) partnership with the Government of China (GoC), which began in 1979, has addressed a wide range of national development concerns over the years. In the process, UNDP has built a trusted partnership and working relations with the government at the national, provincial and local levels. UNDP China enjoys high credibility derived from its impartiality and neutrality. Stakeholders acknowledge the organization’s global expertise and experience with rights-based approaches that give priority to the poorest and most deprived in society.


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