Assessment of Development Results - Countries of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States & Barbados

image of Assessment of Development Results - Countries of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States & Barbados

The Assessment of Development Results (ADR) covered the sub-regional programme of the nine member countries of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and Barbados over the ongoing (2005-2009) and previous (2001-2004) programming cycles. The ADR notes that UNDP is working in a challenging and multifaceted development context, where relatively high levels of gross domestic product per capita and political stability occur side by side with considerable poverty, underemployment, gender and social inequities, institutional capacity weaknesses and vulnerability to risk, including extreme weather events. The publication concluded that although UNDP has undertaken a subregional programme with a strong profile and reputation it has achieved only moderate progress towards longer-term outcomes. It also found that the UNDP subregional programme had many commendable features and is respected by stakeholders and partners due to its consistent focus on improving human and social development in the Eastern Caribbean.



Conclusions, lessons learned and recommendations

The final Chapter summarizes the main conclusions from the ADR, followed by specific recommendations for consideration by UNDP. Given that conclusions are onlymeant to be a general overview of the programme, note that conclusions and recommendations do not correspond on a one-to-one basis. Lessons learned are intended to be generalized to the broader programme and/or organizational context, if applicable. Recommendations are aimed at addressing the main challenges identified in the previous sections in order to strengthen UNDP contribution to national and subregional development results. They are presented in such a way as to help the main stakeholders generate further multistakeholder consultations, leading to options or alternatives for programme improvement.


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