Assessment of Development Results - Democratic Republic of Congo

image of Assessment of Development Results - Democratic Republic of Congo

This report presents an independent country-level evaluation conducted by the UNDP Evaluation Office in 2010. The evaluation examines the strategic relevance and positioning of UNDP support, and its contribution to the development of the Democratic Republic of Congo.



National and international development challenges and strategies

Independent since 30 June 1960, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is located in Central Africa. It stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes region and corresponds to most of the Congo River basin. One of the largest rainforests in the world lies in the north of the country. To the east is a mountainous area bordering the large East African rift. The south and centre of the country, areas of wooded savanna, form a mineral-rich plateau. The country extends over 2,345,000 square kilometres and has a population of approximately 66 million. Approximately 70 percent of the population lives in rural areas.


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