Assessment of Development Results - Djibouti

image of Assessment of Development Results - Djibouti
This is the first ADR conducted in Djibouti, and it focuses on UNDP contributions to development results in the country during UNDP-Djibouti’s two most recent programming cycles – 2003-2007 and 2008-2012. The objectives of this ADR are: (i) to identify progress made towards the anticipated development results of the past two UNDP programming cycles; (ii) to analyse how UNDP in Djibouti has been positioned to add value to the country’s efforts to promote its development; (iii) to present conclusions and lessons learned with a view to the organization’s future positioning in Djibouti. The findings and recommendations of the ADR will inform the new Djibouti Country Programme Document for the upcoming programming cycle of 2013-2017, for which UNDP-Djibouti has begun preparation.



Contribution of UNDP to development results

The analysis contained in this chapter follows the two traditional stages of UNDP ADRs, namely the evaluation of development results for the specific areas of intervention and an assessment of UNDP’s strategic position. In the first subsection, the analysis will follow the themes of UNDP’s work in Djibouti, and will illustrate the various level of achievement of results. Particular attention will be paid to assessing the direct contribution of the UNDP country office in terms of the main areas of intervention but also the indirect contributions such as support for aid coordination, mobilization of resources, etc. An analysis of the cross-cutting themes of gender and the environment, plus the activities of UNDP within the framework of common United Nations activities not relating to projects, will be presented.


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