Assessment of Development Results - Djibouti

image of Assessment of Development Results - Djibouti
This is the first ADR conducted in Djibouti, and it focuses on UNDP contributions to development results in the country during UNDP-Djibouti’s two most recent programming cycles – 2003-2007 and 2008-2012. The objectives of this ADR are: (i) to identify progress made towards the anticipated development results of the past two UNDP programming cycles; (ii) to analyse how UNDP in Djibouti has been positioned to add value to the country’s efforts to promote its development; (iii) to present conclusions and lessons learned with a view to the organization’s future positioning in Djibouti. The findings and recommendations of the ADR will inform the new Djibouti Country Programme Document for the upcoming programming cycle of 2013-2017, for which UNDP-Djibouti has begun preparation.



UNDP responses and strategies

Since 1979, when the headquarters agreement was signed, UNDP has been a loyal partner working alongside the Government of the Republic of Djibouti. In addition to its own resources, UNDP manages lines of credit from a variety of sources with the aim of supporting development efforts in Djibouti. These resources include UNDP core funding, resources mobilized by the Government and resources from other UN agencies and from bilateral and multilateral donors.


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