Assessment of Development Results - Guyana

image of Assessment of Development Results - Guyana

The evaluation recommended that it is important for UNDP Guyana to continue to reorient its programming towards higher-level policy analysis in order to support the country’s transition to a middle-income status. Also, UNDP needs to focus on its comparative advantage, and help Guyana explore alternative sources of support through South-South, regional and public-private partnerships.



Conclusions and recommendations

UNDP made some measurable progress towards the objectives and outcomes identified for poverty reduction. During the earlier programme period, the ADR concluded that UNDP had contributed to national capacity strengthening for poverty eradication in line with the main goals of PRSP-I, but these effects were difficult to measure given that the area of work was so broadly defined. Under CPD-CPAP, UNDP Guyana continued its support for strengthening institutional systems in support of both MDG and PRSP monitoring. Under both programme cycles, there was continued support for local poverty initiatives which had some limited, short-term effects, but there were few if any observable changes as a result of these efforts on upstream policy issues. However, UNDP offered highly commendable and quite consistent support for Amerindian peoples, youth and the rural poor as key target groups.


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