Assessment of Development Results - Honduras

image of Assessment of Development Results - Honduras

This report on Honduras’s Assessment of Development Results (ADR) focuses on the following three thematic areas: fostering democratic governance; achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and reducing poverty under a human development perspective; and ensuring environmental sustainability. Reflecting on the characteristics of Honduras’s economic history, its current juncture and prospects, the ADR examined the past with a forward-looking perspective.



Strategic positioning and relevance of its programmes

Honduras is among the main recipients of official development assistance in the Latin American and Caribbean region. Fifteen bilaterals, two regional banks, the World Bank, IMF, EU and several UN agencies work in the country to address Honduras’ key development challenges and to enhance human development, stimulate the economy, improve democratic governance and promote environmental sustainability. UNDP, despite its limited financial resources, has been a key player and a government partner in its quest for overall development. This chapter analyzes how UNDP strategically positioned itself to contribute to Honduras’s development efforts.


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