Assessment of Development Results - Iraq

image of Assessment of Development Results - Iraq
This Assessment of Development Results (ADR) in Iraq was conducted by the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 2013 towards the end of the current UNDP programme cycle of 2011–2014 with a view to contributing to the preparation of the new UNDP country programme as well as the forthcoming United National Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). The ADR assesses the strategic positioning of UNDP support in transition and development. The ADR covers a particularly important time for Iraq, in its efforts towards reconstruction and transition to development.



UNDP's response

UNDP has partnered with the Government of Iraq for over 35 years (since the Standard Basic Assistance Agreement in 1976), supporting development, recovery and reconstruction efforts. Since 2003, UNDP has operated as part of the United Nations assistance strategy coordinated by UNAMI. UNDP support aligned with the successive NDPs, the United Nations Iraq Assistance Strategy 2008–2010 and the International Reconstruction Fund Facility for Iraq. Since the launching of this funding mechanism, UNDP participated alongside UN agencies and other international organizations in administering the United Nations Development Group Iraq Trust Fund.


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