Assessment of Development Results - Jamaica

image of Assessment of Development Results - Jamaica
This report presents an independent evaluation managed by the Evaluation Office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Jamaica in 2010. It assesses UNDP’s overall contribution to the development of the country over the most recent programming cycles, as well as the strategy and performance of UNDP-Jamaica during the last programme cycles and their action plans.



Contribution to development results

The CPAP identified seven outcomes to be achieved during the 2007-2011 period. Six of these were under the priority area of crisis prevention and management. This very broad area was sub-divided among the democratic governance, poverty reduction and disaster risk reduction portfolios and the responses to the intended outcomes are analysed under those headings. One intended CPAP outcome aimed to support national efforts in the field of HIV/ AIDS, through ‘Evidence-based advocacy strategy and tools in place and effectively implemented with gender differentiated focus’. The intended deliverable was a socio-economic impact study of AIDS. This remained on the programme budget until 2008, but faded from the picture in that year and nothing was implemented.


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