Assessment of Development Results - Jordan

image of Assessment of Development Results - Jordan

This report analyzes the findings, conclusions and recommendations of an independent evaluation of the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) contribution to socio-economic and human development in Jordan over the course of two program cycles during 1998-2007. This Assessment of Development Results (ADR) focuses on the strategic positioning of UNDP within the policy environment in Jordan, and assesses whether the UNDP Country Office (CO) has been able to make critical and tangible contributions to development results in the country.



Conclusions, lessons learned and recommendations

Since 1998, UNDP country programmes have contributed significantly to Jordan’s economic and social development at several levels. Despite Jordan’s continued vulnerability to external shocks, the country has undertaken serious steps toward political and public administration reform, in which UNDP assistance and support are clearly evident. UNDP has also been influential in leveraging bilateral support and funding from other donors, particularly where the government and international donors’ interests converge—such as in preparing Jordan for joining the WTO and in the general liberalization of the economy.


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