Assessment of Development Results - Libya

image of Assessment of Development Results - Libya

This Assessment of Development Results was conducted in Libya by the UNDP Evaluation Office in the second half of 2009. It is an independent country-level evaluation that examines UNDP contribution to the country’s development results over the ongoing and previous programming cycles. The evaluation aims to provide forward-looking recommendations to assist the UNDP country office and its partners in the formulation and implementation of the next programming cycle and also to support greater accountability to national stakeholders and the UNDP Executive Board.



National development context

Libya is a high human development country, and the national Millennium Development Goal (MDG) report prepared in 2009 concluded that Libya is well-placed to attain the MDGs by 2015. While extreme poverty is not found in Libya, there are significant economic disparities among geographic regions. There is also a need to safeguard the living standards of the vulnerable by balancing ongoing national economic restructuring with social policies.


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