Assessment of Development Results - Libya

image of Assessment of Development Results - Libya

This Assessment of Development Results was conducted in Libya by the UNDP Evaluation Office in the second half of 2009. It is an independent country-level evaluation that examines UNDP contribution to the country’s development results over the ongoing and previous programming cycles. The evaluation aims to provide forward-looking recommendations to assist the UNDP country office and its partners in the formulation and implementation of the next programming cycle and also to support greater accountability to national stakeholders and the UNDP Executive Board.



UNDP in Libya

Libya became a member of the United Nations in 1955, four years after achieving independence. Although now strong, Libya’s relationship with the UN at the political level was initially strained due to UN sanctions imposed in 1992 and the related impact on Libya’s economy and society. At the technical level, however, UNDP provided the major—and often only—source of technical knowledge. Since sanctions were lifted in 2003– 2004, Libyan authorities have had a greater range of options for partnerships with multilateral agencies such as the World Bank and private consulting firms.


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