Assessment of Development Results - Montenegro

image of Assessment of Development Results - Montenegro

In Montenegro, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) focused on the republic’s continuing reform efforts. This assessment of Development Results (ADP) reviews the last five years of UNDP’s support to Montenegro, from 2001-2005, within the context of its relationship with Serbia and its current and future development challenges. The assessment is based on an evaluation of current and past programmes and extensive stakeholder consultations. It provides an analysis of the extent to which UNDP has positioned itself effectively to identify and respond to national development needs. It also offers an overall assessment of the development results in the areas of post-conflict transition achieved in cooperation with the Government and other development partners.



Conclusions lessons and recommendations

This chapter of the report brings together the main conclusions, findings and summary challenges and recommendations regarding UNDP’s programme in Montenegro. In doing so, it must be kept in mind that the Republic of Montenegro is approaching a profound juncture in its development as a nation state and potential accession to the EU – historic events clouded by political uncertainty. A look into the future for UNDP in Montenegro, then, must be done with a certain degree of humility – that its role is to support the implementation of national development agendas rather than driving them; and that it is but one player in a large community of development partners.


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