Assessment of Development Results - Montenegro

image of Assessment of Development Results - Montenegro

In Montenegro, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) focused on the republic’s continuing reform efforts. This assessment of Development Results (ADP) reviews the last five years of UNDP’s support to Montenegro, from 2001-2005, within the context of its relationship with Serbia and its current and future development challenges. The assessment is based on an evaluation of current and past programmes and extensive stakeholder consultations. It provides an analysis of the extent to which UNDP has positioned itself effectively to identify and respond to national development needs. It also offers an overall assessment of the development results in the areas of post-conflict transition achieved in cooperation with the Government and other development partners.



National challenges and strategies

Since the break-up of Yugoslavia in 1991, Montenegro has faced political and economic transitions, regional conflict, economic sanctions and NATO interventions. Montenegrins continue to suffer a major identity crisis, with opinion divided with respect to the independent status of the Republic. Within this context, two strategic objectives have been driving reform: the EU accession process and independence. 2006 is a critical year for the republic. As of 21 May, the independence process has begun. As this process unfolds, along with the challenge of acceding to the EU, the progress of Montenegro towards modern liberal democracy will largely depend on its ability to effectively pursue reform.


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