Assessment of Development Results - Peru

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This evaluation covers the period of two country cooperation frameworks from 2001 to 2005 and from 2006 to 2009. During this period the strategic framework of UNDP in Peru was significantly revised in order to accompany the national democratization process and to respond to the requirements of the Millennium Development Goals. UNDP refocused its programme privileging more substantive support. In a middle income emerging country such as Peru, the evaluation recommends further focusing and deepening the organization’s strategic axes and emphasizing its support to reform of public administration and the civil service system and strengthening the capacity of regional and municipal governments. It also recommends that UNDP further diversify its partnerships and clarify its cooperation strategy with civil society and the private sector and with new emerging partners (global funds and private foundations) in order to strengthen programme sustainability.



UNDP in Peru

Revision of the programme at the beginning of the decade. In the 1990s, UNDP had supported the management of the Peruvian Government with technical assistance in a wide range of areas. These comprised the reorganization and modernization of the State, including its ambitious privatization programme; the development of the border zone with Ecuador to support the bilateral Peace Agreement; the work of the office of the Defensoría del pueblo; the return of persons displaced by the subversive violence; environmental-protection measures and, after the disaster caused by El Niño, support to respond to emergencies and to reinforce the civil-defence system. The latter area has resulted in plans to establish “sustainable cities” that take account of the potential natural risks. The Management Assistance Fund, administered with UNDP aid and under its norms, facilitated the hiring of a substantial number of State consultancies to cope with the somewhat underdeveloped legal situation of the public services in the 1990s.


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