Assessment of Development Results - Senegal

image of Assessment of Development Results - Senegal
This report presents an independent country-level evaluation conducted by the UNDP Evaluation Office in 2010. The evaluation examines the strategic relevance and positioning of UNDP support, and its contribution to the development of Senegal



Conclusion and recommendations

UNDP development interventions in Senegal have registered a strong programmatic continuity over the period under review. Since 1997-2001, successive programming frameworks have focused on two main areas: poverty reduction and good governance. The different interventions supported by UNDP in these areas also show consistency and perseverance. UNDP programmatic continuity is developing in parallel to a stable political climate and relatively consistent national strategic directions during the period covered by the ADR. Since 2000, Senegal has developed an interim strategy for poverty reduction, and thereafter a series of PRSPs that all advocate for a more inclusive economic growth. Since 2003, the country’s economic and social development policy has focused on two areas: wealth creation and the promotion of basic social services, and other related objectives such as improving living conditions of vulnerable groups, good governance and decentralized development, social protection, and crisis and disaster prevention and management.


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