Assessment of Development Results - Somalia

image of Assessment of Development Results - Somalia

This report presents the findings of the ADR based on an analysis of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of UNDP interventions implemented between 2005 and 2010. The ADR also addresses the strategic positioning of UNDP. The evaluation relied on documents, interviews with approximately 200 individuals, including beneficiaries, Somali authorities, donors, civil society, representatives of international organizations and independent observers. The evaluation found that UNDP contribution to development results in Somalia has varied considerably depending on the region where activities were implemented. The report highlights several challenges and shortcomings in programme management. It concludes that, despite these challenges, UNDP Somalia continued to seize opportunities as they emerged through the peace process and enjoy a privileged relationship with the authorities and donors.



UNDP response and strategies

UNDP implements programmes in Somalia under extremely difficult circumstances in a context of violence and attacks on staff and in a situation where a good part of the country is without an effective government or secular rule of law. The killing of the Head of the Mogadishu sub-office in July 2008 and the car bombing of the UNDP Hargeisa office in October 2008 have been particularly traumatic and have impacted considerably on the capacity of the organization – and the whole UN – to operate. One of the many consequences of these grave security incidents has been the evacuation of staff from South and Central Somalia and the severe restrictions on travel to and within other regions. The chaotic political process, continued armed conflict in many parts of the country, the emergence of radical groups and general instability have also been factors influencing decisions made by both UNDP and its donors.


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