Assessment of Development Results - Tunisia

image of Assessment of Development Results - Tunisia

Under the framework of the UNDP Evaluation Office’s evaluation plan 2009–2010, an Assessment of Development Results (ADR) was carried out in Tunisia. This evaluation had three objectives: i) to assess the progress made against the results outlined in the document of the last two UNDP programme cycles (2002–2006 and 2007–2011); ii) to analyse and clarify UNDP’s strategic positioning in its contribution to the government’s efforts to meet certain development challenges; and iii) to present the conclusions and lessons learned in view of better positioning UNDP in Tunisia, particularly in terms of required expertise adapted to the needs of this middle-income country, which is undergoing drastic political, socio-economic and cultural changes.




The Evaluation Office would like to thank everyone who contributed to this assessment. The evaluation team, under the direction of Moncef Kouidhi, was also composed of: Henda Gafsi (gender), Ali Abbab (environment) and Mohamed Haddar (economic development and governance). Azusa Kubota was Task Manager for the Evaluation Office, assisted by Anna Parini, research assistant. The evaluation was prepared and carried out with the invaluable help of the staff of the UNDP Country Office in Tunisia, particularly Mr. Mohammed Belhocine, Resident Representative, and Mrs. Rossana Dudziak, Deputy Resident Representative and focal point for this assessment. We would also like to thank the UNDP Regional Bureau for Arab States, the Government of the Republic of Tunisia, the United Nations Country Team as well as representatives of civil society, non-governmental organisations, donor countries and international financial institutions with whom we met. George Zaidan and Olivier Cossée gave extremely useful comments on the first drafts of the report. Finally, we would like to thank Thuy Hand To and Michelle Sy at the New York Evaluation Office for their administrative support, as well as Marina Blinova, Anish Pradhan, Olivier Cossée and Nasser Brahimi who edited and formatted the text for publication.


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