Assessment of Development Results - Uganda

image of Assessment of Development Results - Uganda

This report presents the findings and recommendations of the Assessment of Development Results (ADR) conducted in Uganda, with a time-frame covering country programmes; from 2001 to 2009. More specifically, the ADR provides forward-looking recommendations to assist UNDP Uganda and its partners in formulating an action plan for the next programming cycle (2010–2014). The evaluation looked at the range of support provided by UNDP to Uganda in the areas of poverty reduction, sustainable environment democratic governance, and crisis prevention and recovery in a post-conflict and human development context. Uganda has made significant progress in social and economic development in the past two decades and is moving steadily towards sustainable growth and poverty reduction. The evaluation found that UNDP contribution has been significant in terms of responsiveness to national priorities and needs. Amid a competitive aid environment, particularly one predisposed to budget support, UNDP maintained its relevance.



Strategic positioning of UNDP

UNDP has had a long presence in Uganda. For most of this time, national development priorities guided programme interventions. In the previous and ongoing country programmes, UNDP supported development needs identified in the PEAP and in post-conflict recovery and reconstruction efforts of the government. Several factors influenced UNDP positioning in responding to the development priorities. Uganda has a large donor presence, and UNDP plays a relatively small role in terms of the financial and technical resources contributed towards achieving development results. UNDP also has the responsibility to ensure it meets specific organizational mandates, using its own core funds to address issues critical to furthering human development; issues that the government or donors may prioritize differently. This chapter analyses how UNDP positioned itself vis-à-vis responding to Uganda’s development challenges.


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