Assessment of Development Results - Ukraine

image of Assessment of Development Results - Ukraine

This report presents an assessment of the key development results in Ukraine in the last five to seven years, focusing on the contribution the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has made towards them. In the first part of the 1990s,Ukraine’s transition took place against the backdrop of substantial economic and social decline. Since 1999, recovery has taken hold, and the economic growth performance has been impressive in recent years. Still, Ukraine continues to operate far below its human development potential, especially in comparison to its European neighbours.




This introductory chapter presents the rationale for and the methodology used in the Ukraine Assessment of Development Results (ADR). The balance of the report is divided into four main sections: chapter two focuses on trends in political, economic and social performance; chapter three examines the UNDP programme in Ukraine and UNDP’s role in fostering progress; chapter four looks at UNDP’s contribution to strategic change; and chapter five lists lessons learnt and recommendations on UNDP’s future role.


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