Assessment of Development Results - United Arab Emirates

image of Assessment of Development Results - United Arab Emirates

This report presents an independent country-level evaluation conducted by the UNDP Evaluation Office in 2010. The evaluation examines the strategic relevance and positioning of UNDP support, and its contribution to the development of the United Arab Emirates.



Strategic positioning of UNDP in a net contributor country

In 1999, the UNDP Executive Board recognized the “important contribution that UNDP brings to supporting net contributor countries ... in their pursuit of the objectives of sustainable human development” and considered net contributor countries “as a separate group of programme countries outside of the [target for resources assignment from the core] distribution model.” UNDP since has been providing a range of development services to 69 middle-and high-income countries, which includes 46 net contributing countries. There are five net contributing countries in the Regional Bureau for Arab States region: Bahrain, Kuwait, Libya, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. There are variations among these net contributing countries, from high-income countries to middle-income countries. There are also variations in terms of achievement of the MDGs, democratic governance, institutional capacities and justice and security. Therefore, there is no common programming approach for UNDP to take in these countries, and each country’s country programme is expected to adapt to the context and priorities.


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