Assessment of Development Results - United Arab Emirates

image of Assessment of Development Results - United Arab Emirates

This report presents an independent country-level evaluation conducted by the UNDP Evaluation Office in 2010. The evaluation examines the strategic relevance and positioning of UNDP support, and its contribution to the development of the United Arab Emirates.



UNDP repsonse

The UAE became a member of the United Nations in 1971 and has committed itself implementing the principles of the ‘Charter of the United Nations’ and what it stands for: respect of human rights, international cooperation for the maintenance of peace and security, solidarity with the poor and the disadvantaged, justice, human development and prosperity for all. The UAE permanent representation to the United Nations (UN) in New York and Geneva facilitates coordination with the UN and UN agencies. The UAE is (or has been) a full member of specialized agencies such as the International Civil Aviation Organization; International Labour Organization; United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; Universal Postal Union; World Health Organization; and the World Intellectual Property Organization. The UAE is a member of the International Renewable Energy Agency, and hosts its headquarters at Abu Dhabi. The country is a signatory to a number of UN conventions and inter-government resolutions. More recently, the UAE has joined the ‘Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development’.


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