Assessment of Development Results - United Arab Emirates

image of Assessment of Development Results - United Arab Emirates

This report presents an independent country-level evaluation conducted by the UNDP Evaluation Office in 2010. The evaluation examines the strategic relevance and positioning of UNDP support, and its contribution to the development of the United Arab Emirates.



National development context: United Arab Emirates

The UAE made significant development progress in the past four decades, achieving strong economic development and political stability. With about 10 percent of the current world reserves of crude oil located in the country, UAE has become a major economic force through investments of its sovereign wealth funds, large companies operating in the region and around the world and tourism. It has taken successful steps to diversify its economy, moving away from an oil-based economy. The UAE is a regional hub for numerous global business firms and hosts a large population of expatriates, which has been growing very rapidly over the past four decades. The UAE population increased from 180,000 in 1968 to 7.5 million in 2010; of which only 20 percent are Emiratis, with an average annual population growth rate of 5.6 percent.


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