Assessment of Development Results - Uruguay

image of Assessment of Development Results - Uruguay
This is the first ADR conducted in Uruguay. It is performed in close cooperation with the Government of Uruguay, UNDP Country Office in Uruguay, and the Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean (RBLAC). The evaluation is focused on UNDP’s accountability regarding a set of results and on valuing its performance concerning such result. In the case of Uruguay, the results established in the Country Programme Document (CPD) are managed through four cooperation programme areas based on the structure of the Country Office. 1: Inclusive growth, diversification and innovation (also including international engagement). 2: Environment and reducing vulnerability (includes gender equity and local development). 3: Fighting inequity and poverty (includes: equitable social development, and gender equity). 4: Strengthening democratic governance at the local and national levels (including human rights).



UNDP positioning

This chapter assesses UNDP strategic positioning in Uruguay. It discusses the relevance of UNDP strategies and approaches in response to the country’s main development issues, as well as the capacity of UNDP to adapt to changes in context and balance short and long term responses. The extent to which UNDP has been able to maximise its institutional strengths and comparative advantages in the country is also analysed, alongside its performance. The chapter also explores factors that played a role in the promotion of United Nations values, including activities on cross-cutting issues like gender, human rights, human development and South-South cooperation.


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