Assessment of Development Results - Zambia

image of Assessment of Development Results - Zambia

This report states that UNDP Zambia has in general been effective in its contributions to development in Zambia. However, programme resources were spread too thinly across many initiatives and insufficient attention was given to ensuring sustainability. While cooperating partners and non-governmental organizations would have preferred UNDP to play a stronger role in advocacy, the Government appreciates UNDP as a consistent partner. The evaluation suggests that, within the context of the United Nations country team, UNDP missed opportunities to develop more joint initiatives.



Contribution to development results

The GRZ through the FNDP identified democratic governance as a cross-cutting issue throughout the entire spectrum of the governmental and non-governmental delivery systems. Specific areas of focus highlighted in the FNDP included constitutionalism, transparency, accountability, human rights and the full implementation of the Electoral Commission of Zambia.


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