Biennial report (2010-2011) of the economic commission for Latin America and the Caribbean

image of Biennial report (2010-2011) of the economic commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
Official Records of the Biennial Report of the Economic and Social Council 2012 Supplement No. 20



Linkages with theglobal economy, regional integration and cooperation

During the 2010-2011 biennium the work of the subprogramme was conducted along two broad lines. First, the Division of International Trade and Integration continued to contribute to the improvement of the Latin American and Caribbean region’s linkages with the global economy through the development of trade, integration and cooperation schemes at the subregional, regional and hemispheric levels, by strengthening linkages between Latin American and Caribbean countries and other economies. The second line of work relates to strengthening the role of ECLAC as a reliable partner for assistance and technical advice as well as a forum for building consensus in the area of international trade and integration among the countries of the region. Today the subprogramme has become a necessary reference in the region’s economic and trade relations worldwide. Its relevance is further confirmed by the many requests ECLAC receives at seminars and workshops to produce documents, as well as by the number of countries adopting policies, mechanisms and measures in line with ECLAC recommendations.


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