Building Digital Competencies to Benefit from Frontier Technologies

image of Building Digital Competencies to Benefit from Frontier Technologies

This study explores ways in which digital skills can be developed and harnessed to support sustainable development in a current context of technological change. It discusses the types of skills that countries need to prepare the future workforces for the changing world and to maximise the development opportunities offered by existing and emerging technologies. It examines the potential of existing and emerging digital technologies in building and enhancing digital skills. The study also dwells upon technologies for education among other subjects.



Initiatives to help build competencies

Building the competencies and skills required to understand, adopt, use and create new technologies, particularly ICTs, is central for individuals to participate effectively in and benefit from technologies. Digital competencies, soft skills and access to new technologies, however, are not equally distributed among regions and groups. Therefore, some countries do not have the capacities to leverage technology for development. The rapid pace of technological development requires constant adaptation and flexibility in the types of competencies required. This stresses the need for developing and developed countries alike to put competence building at the forefront of their development strategies. This section describes three areas in which concerted efforts are required to enable and promote the creation and strengthening of digital competencies and soft skills.


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