Transnational Corporations

This journal takes a fresh look at major legal, sectorial, regional and environmental issues facing corporations operating internationally. Released three times a year, it provides in-depth policy-oriented research findings on significant issues relating to the activities of transnational corporations.


China’s international investment strategy by Julien Chaisse (editor)

China’s international investment law and policy have been the subject of detailed study since the liberation endeavour of the late 1970s, which was a landmark change in the country’s development path and integration into the global economy. The country’s active participation in the global economy is mirrored by its evolving profile of cross border capital flows, with China both a prominent source of, and destination for, foreign investment. Indeed, China’s rise as a global investor has made its approach to international investment an important issue on which a considerable amount of literature has already been published. The recent past has, nevertheless, seen several important events within China, as well as bilateral, regional and global events influencing China’s approach towards international investment and adding new perspectives thereto.


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