Data Template and Metadata for Short-Term Statistics

image of Data Template and Metadata for Short-Term Statistics

The Handbook aims to raise awareness of the importance of short-term statistics in meeting the information needs for explaining and monitoring rapid changes in economic and financial conditions. It does this by setting out the standards and recommendations for compiling short-term statistics and accompanying metadata, elaborating the methodological descriptions and the use of individual short-term statistics, explaining the statistical and analytical properties of short-term statistics and how they relate to an integrated set of quarterly national accounts and component data. It is targeted at compilers and users of short-term statistics in national statistics offices and national statistical systems, regional and international organizations and other relevant organizations, including private sector organizations.




The preparation of the Handbook on Data Template and Metadata for Short-Term Statistics was initiated by the Statistical Commission as part of the international programme of work on short-term economic statistics, which was developed in response to the 2007/2008 economic and financial crisis. The international programme on short-term statistics was the result of a wide consultation process, initiated by the United Nations Statistics Division and Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat), in collaboration with Statistics Canada, Statistics Netherlands and the Russian Federal State Statistics Service to develop a coordinated statistical response to the economic and financial crisis. Four themes were identified in the programme: business cycle composite indicators, economic tendency surveys, rapid estimates, and data template and analytical indicators.


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