Designing our Future

Local Perspectives on Bioproduction, Ecosystems and Humanity

image of Designing our Future
This volume focuses primarily on society at the local and regional levels and on a scenario in which human beings coexist harmoniously with nature. This ideal society is examined in terms of the relationships between villages or towns and their natural environment. It also looks at how these villages and towns can achieve local or regional independence in the face of pressures toward centralization and globalization. This book highlights the importance of developing a society in harmony with nature through the networking of diverse communities to promote and achieve local independence.



An integrated solution to a dual crisis: An assessment of Green New Deal policy

The world faces major economic and environmental crises. The economic difficulties, triggered by a glut of American subprime loans, nearly paralysed the United States and devastated manufacturing in Japan, a country largely dependent on exports. Corporate performance around the world recorded the biggest drop in the post-war period, but recovered through restructuring. However, the employment situation is still in crisis. To deal with these difficulties, the United States elected its first African American president, Barack Obama, with a mandate to resurrect the American economy. In Japan, the new Democratic Party of Japan has taken over government to cope with this crisis.


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