Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Far East 1965

image of Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Far East 1965

This latest edition of the Survey analyzes current economic and social developments in the region against the background of events in the world economy. It also focuses on the serios problems of growth and transformation of the area's least developed and Pacific Island developing economies.



Case studies

Conscious and planned use of manpower resources in developing ECAFE countries is a relatively new national policy, and is inspired by the desire to achieve a high level of employment and income and an increase in national output. The problem of manpower utilization as a means of improving productivity and production levels in a developed country, which may even suffer from an inadequacy of human resources, is significantly different from the problem facing a developing country with abundant human resources and an industrial complex inadequate for absorbing the available labour force at high levels of productivity. This chapter seeks to examine the historical experience of Japan based mainly on the forces of market mechanism, and the experience gained in connexion with the East Pakistan Rural Works Programme which has deliberately tried to create employment for rural surplus labour. These two case studies, it is hoped, will minimally indicate the nature of the problem and the remedial solutions which have been tried under different circumstances.


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