Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Far East 1970

image of Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Far East 1970

This latest edition of the Survey analyzes current economic and social developments in the region against the background of events in the world economy. It also focuses on the serios problems of growth and transformation of the area's least developed and Pacific Island developing economies.



Current economic developments and policies in the countries of the ECAFE region

On the eve of the fourth year of its third fiveyear plan (1967/68-1971/72) Afghanistan’s economy rose from its low level of growth of the past three years. With excess capacity built up in its infrastructure during the second plan, it is now devoting more resources to commodity production, but such a shift is inevitably slow. In the agricultural sector, the strategy of supplying improved varieties of seeds, subsidizing the sale of fertilizers, and supplying water through minor irrigation works has begun to yield results. However, in the industrial sector, the increase in production actually achieved would have been greater if excess capacity had been more fully utilized.


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