Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Far East 1973

image of Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Far East 1973

This latest edition of the Survey analyzes current economic and social developments in the region against the background of events in the world economy. It also focuses on the serios problems of growth and transformation of the area's least developed and Pacific Island developing economies.



Structuring the flow of workers into the modern sector

Schools prepare pupils for their subsequent working life, but school systems also select and sort: they divide each age group into those with certificates and those without; those with high grades and those with low; those who are permitted to enter higher education and those who are denied admission. How each child comes out of the sorting process depends in all societies on a mix of two elements, with the mixture varying greatly from society to society. The first is his parents’ ability to buy him educational opportunity. The second is his own ability to learn and to show that he has learnt.


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