Economic Development in Africa Report 2017

Tourism for Transformative and Inclusive Growth

image of Economic Development in Africa Report 2017

Tourism - in terms of its contribution to GDP, employment and trade - is a critical sector for many African economies, and its growth is increasingly driven by tourists originating from the continent itself. However, most African countries still face significant challenges and constraints in exploiting the potential of tourism services in trade and economic development. The Economic Development in Africa Report 2017, subtitled Tourism for trans-formative and inclusive growth: Re-thinking the policy agenda examines the role that tourism can play in Africa's development process. It aims to identify key barriers and impediments to unlocking the potential of tourism in Africa to help structurally transform the continent's economy and provides policy recommendations on how these barriers and impediments could be addressed. It argues that tourism can be an engine for inclusive growth and that it can complement development strategies aimed at fostering economic diversification and structural transformation within an appropriate policy context.



Tourism and inclusive growth

The role that tourism can play in inclusive growth is the focus of this chapter. The chapter outlines what is meant by inclusivity and inclusive growth and then discusses how tourism could foster inclusive growth by providing opportunities to more vulnerable groups, particularly the poor, youth and women.


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