Economic Report on Africa 2010

Promoting High-level Sustainable Growth to Reduce Unemployment in Africa

image of Economic Report on Africa 2010

The report focuses on how the recent global economic downfalls have compounded the unemployment rates in most African countries, thus also hindering real economic growth. Organized into two sections, ERA 2010 dissects the current unemployment trajectory citing both macro and microeconomic contributing factors. Additionally, the publication stresses on establishing the current economic climate as a learning tool for developing a comprehensive development planning framework.



Growth-employment-poverty reduction linkages: A framework for recovery and accelerated progress towards the Millennium Development Goals

This chapter discusses the problem of unemployment in Africa, providing evidence on its trends and causes. The chapter then examines the issue of jobless growth experiences, assesses the impact of the global crises on employment and vulnerable groups in Africa and provides suggestions on how to reorient growth and development strategies to strengthen the growth-employment nexus for poverty reduction.


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