Economic Report on Africa 2015

Industrializing Through Trade

image of Economic Report on Africa 2015
This report examines and provides analysis on the critical elements of effectively fostering industrialisation and hence structural transformation based on extensive review of experience with industrialised countries and Africa’s post-independence attempt at industrialisation. Ten country case studies were also conducted to shed light on industrialising through trade. The findings from this exercise inform the policy recommendations contained in this report.

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Towards a selective trade policy framework for industrializing Africa

Africa’s growth continued to increase in 2014, though at a lower rate than previously estimated, surpassed only by the East and South Asia regions. Private consumption and gross capital formation continued to underpin growth, supported by improved governance and macroeconomic management, rapid urbanization (and a rising middle class), diversified trade and investment ties with emerging economies, and improved regional integration and trade partnerships.

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