Economic Survey of Latin America 1966

image of Economic Survey of Latin America 1966

Published since 1948, this report examines various aspects of the previous year’s macroeconomic situation in the region and makes projections for the coming months. The study also includes country notes that review the performance of the main economic indicators in the period analysed.




In the four-year period 1963-66 the Paraguayan economy showed steady but moderate growth, with an increase of 2.3 and 3.3 per cent in the gross domestic product in 1963 and 1964, as much as 5.9 per cent in 1965 and about 1.9 per cent in 1966. These variations were in direct relation to the changes in its import capacity. Thus, the expansion in 1965 was due in large measure to the increased volume and better prices of livestock exports (exports of goods rose by over 30 per cent in that year). But the momentum diminished in 1966 owing mainly to floods, coupled with a drop in the level of the Paraguay river, which adversely affected production and the flow of exports. The economy’s sensitivity to external demand is not reflected in domestic demand, which is limited by low income levels, a small market—largely self-supplying—and low productivity.


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