Economic Survey of Latin America 1973

image of Economic Survey of Latin America 1973

Published since 1948, this report examines various aspects of the previous year’s macroeconomic situation in the region and makes projections for the coming months. The study also includes country notes that review the performance of the main economic indicators in the period analysed.



Latin America and world economic trends

Without touching again on the matters discussed in the introduction, an attempt will be made in this chapter to highlight different aspects of the international scene and the position of Latin America in this context. To this end, the general features of world economic trends in 1973 will be reviewed first, giving special attention to the performance of the principal countries, whose influence on the region requires no emphasis. Attention will then be given to the major changes that have taken place in world trade, and the place and characteristics of Latin America in this regard. The scope of this regional analysis will be widened to take account of the financial flows, while the balance-of-payments situation will be dealt with in conclusion. Finally, in order to provide a more detailed idea of some very important aspects of the current situation, the events which have taken place are examined against the background of the terms of trade and the situation of the major export products of Latin America.


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