Economic Survey of Latin America 1980

image of Economic Survey of Latin America 1980

The Economic Survey of Latin America 1980 Analyzes the evolution of the economy of the region in 1980. It examines economic developments in each of the countries of Latin America: production, prices, trade, current account balances and financing, economic growth, external sector and inflation. Specially highlighted in the economic development of Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago in the '70s.




In 1980 the economy once again showed moderate growth in overall output, the hgure of somewhat over 5% recorded being fairly close to the 5.6% projected for that year in the 1980-1984 Development Plan. This trend in the product was accompanied, however, by a slackening in the rate of investment (particularly private investment), which remained depressed. Moreover, the fiscal deficit expanded considerably and the rate of inflation rose. However, the trade deficit was halved and the current account deficit was reduced by a somewhat smaller proportion. At the same time, the inflow of a large volume of foreign capital resulted in significant increases in the international reserves on the one hand and external indebtedness on the other.


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