Economic Survey of Latin America 1981

image of Economic Survey of Latin America 1981

This Publication Analyzes economic developments in Latin America in 1981. It examines the evolution of the economy in each of the countries in the region : economic growth, employment and unemployment, the external sector, prices and wages.



Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua attained political independence on 1 November 1981. The new nation consists of three islands: Antigua, the seat of the central government, with an area of 280 km, Barbuda (160 km) and Redonda, an uninhabited rocky islet of 2.5 km. The population in mid-1981 was estimated at 75 235, with 74 000 residing on Antigua and 1 235 on Barbuda. The crude birth rate is 16.0 and the death rate 5.1 per 1 000; net population increase is 1.2%.


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