Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean 1983

image of Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean 1983

Analyzes the evolution of the economy of Latin America and the Caribbean in 1983, the financial constraint, the transfer of resources and external debt renegotiations; and presents the economic evolution of each country in the region, examining economic growth, external sector, prices and wages and monetary and fiscal policies.




The evolution of the Nicaraguan economy in 1983 was dominated by problems of security and defence. It is difficult, therefore, to evaluate it adequately with the usual methodology of economic analysis. In fact, the particularly adverse effect on Nicaragua of the conditions created by the international economy was aggravated by a permanent harassment and state of siege which forced the authorities to divert their attention increasingly from other problems and to allocate greater resources to defence. These circumstances explain the opposing trends of the economy in 1983: a major expansion of production and employment, profound financial imbalances (both internal and external), and a fall in private per capita consumption.


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