Establishing a Resource-Circulating Society in Asia

Challenges and Opportunities

image of Establishing a Resource-Circulating Society in Asia
This publication addresses the issues associated with sustainable resource-circulating societies. It focuses on Asia, where both population growth and economic growth are increasingly prominent in the global context. It covers topics related to technological or socioeconomic issues or a combination of both. It provides policymakers, business leaders and experts in the field with comprehensive knowledge concerning future visions, initiatives and practical applications in the promotion of a sustainable resource-circulating society in Asia.



Biotic resource utilization and technology development

At present, the average rice yield in non-irrigated fields in Thailand is 2.6 tonnes per hectare (t/ha). Since the average yield in Japan is 5.3 t/ha, with advanced irrigation, sufficient fertilizer application and high-yield rice planting, it is expected that the same yields could be achieved in Thailand.


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