Evaluation of the Fourth Global Programme

image of Evaluation of the Fourth Global Programme
The Evaluation Office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) conducted an independent Evaluation of UNDP’s fourth Global Programme in 2012. The evaluation covered the period 2009–2013. Global Programme was designed to strengthen the UNDP development cooperation role at the country, regional and global levels through supporting the analysis of development problems and providing context-specific development solutions.



Changing global development context

Promoting and sustaining economic and social development over extended periods has been increasingly challenging to development efforts, requiring adaptive strategies. Multiple crises, some global in nature, alongside conflict in more than 30 countries, have slowed development progress, with human development remaining a key concern for many countries. The changing global context has also had enormous implications for development agencies. Resources available for addressing complex challenges decreased; official development assistance fell by 3 percent in 2011 and is expected to stagnate during 2013–2015. The 2012 UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Gap Task Force report had difficulty identifying areas of significant new progress towards delivering on the commitment to MDG 8, Global Partnership for Development—and, for the first time, there were signs of backsliding.


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